Beauty hard to find

is the one that prevails

Our things

Two-Tones Earrings

Combination of colors to create the earring that you cannot miss in your most important moments.

Circles Earring

The Circle, represents the circle and the creator energy.

Diamond Earrings

The Diamond itself represents the wild, the indomitable.

Square Earrings

The Square is the archetype of the universal order.

Geo Earrings

Combine Geometries forms, mix the elements, DARE!

Earrings Triangle

The triangle symbolizes harmony, divinity and protection.




My grandmother was a seamstress, and my mum is a master at crocheting. I have been working as a stylist on television for over two decades now. Like my mum says, I am always trying to invent new things, and Meknes is my last adventure.

Meknes is the result of a trip to the city of the same name, it was a discovery, a reunion with the basics, tradition, roots, the handmade, the real handmade, the craftsmanship that is inherited from generation to generation, the really sustainable, of quality, that remains, that beauty that remains over the years and that even becomes more and more beautiful because time gives it to it. Think for a second about beautiful antique jewelry, vintage handbags, garments inherited from our grandmothers, our mothers… immortal pieces. They are immortal

Meknes is immortal.

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